Nikolai Berdyaev | Slavery and Freedom

“Egoism, self-seeking, self-conceit, pride, the will to power, hatred of others, violence, all become virtues when transferred from personality to the nation as a whole…National self-conceit and pride is a lie, just as much as it is by the way ludicrous and stupid…[nationalism precipitates] men into a fictitious and illusory life.”

Vernard Eller on the State and Romans 13

Be clear, any of those human [authorities] are where they are only because God is allowing them to be there. They exist only at his sufferance. And if God is willing to put up with…the Roman Empire, you ought to be willing to put up with it, too. There is no indication God has called you to clear it out of the way or get it converted for him. You can’t fight an Empire without becoming like the Roman Empire; so you had better leave such matters in God’s hands where they belong.

Jacques Ellul – from Anarchy and Christianity

And the extraordinary thing is that according to [the Gospels] all powers, all power and glory of the kingdoms, all that has to do with politics and political authority, belongs to the devil. it has all been given to him and he gives it to whom he wills. Those who hold political power receive it from him and depend upon him…[Jesus] refuses the offer of power because the devil demands that he should fall down and worship him.