Cultured in the Christian Petri dish

Sometimes I have reflected in much gratitude that I have been redeemed in the manner the Lord has chosen. If I were to have made a choice at any point in my life, particularly regarding where, when, and what terms it were to occur, my salvation would be nothing but a farce.

I think of the multitudes of people who unbeknownst to them are not led astray, but just aren’t aware. They have become acculturated and are neck deep in an experimental failure. I do not wish to statistically state, or prove my case empirically at this juncture, but would like to label this a “sociological observation.” Continue reading Cultured in the Christian Petri dish

MLK Jr. | It is non-violence or non-existence

mlkDuring my formative years, the Civil Rights Movement was standard curriculum in school. I believe it was the fourth or fifth grade we first started studying it. Growing up in a mixed culture,  African-American History was a prominent part of the education we received. I remember being enthralled with the struggle that existed and recall relief that the problems we were reading about had at least come to some semblance of resolution. After all, most of the kids sitting around me were African-American.

I remember the clips that reeled off the projector as it cast the black and white images, news clips, and scratchy sound bites that gave us a glimpse of what the American culture was experiencing at that time on the silver screen in front of the class. I also remember the feeling of genuine sadness that I am not sure I have experienced in any other form as I did during those lessons. I sat with a curiosity and disbelief that not even hindsight could provide an explanation for. Now, just over four decades removed from the day that Martin Luther King Jr. was shot I can ask and answer the question as to why the assassin pulled that trigger. Continue reading MLK Jr. | It is non-violence or non-existence