James White, John Piper, and Christian aggression | Two camps

cowboyI once received a message about a post from James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries. His post entitled ‘I Beg to Differ, Brother Piper,’ in every sense of Dr. White’s style, speaks for itself. He articulates his point and clarifies his intention is only to speak briefly on the matter. He expresses his brief opinion about John Piper’s statements about Guns and Martyrdom following the Supreme Court ruling on guns in the homes of Americans.

Summarily, John Piper’s post considered the sacrifice made by the missionaries to the Auca (Waudoni) Indians in Ecuador in 1956. The missionaries Jim Elliot, Peter Fleming, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, and Nate Saint lost their lives attempting to reach an otherwise unreached people. Although these men met physical death that day they could have easily averted it with the side arms in their possession, right? Had these men simply chosen to fire their weapons in defense of their lives they may well still be here today, and there would be no story to tell regarding this matter. (Guns and Martyrdom: John Piper)

I would like to begin by looking at the sentiments expressed by Dr. White, and as he invokes the right to disagreement in lieu of Christian liberty, so shall I. Dr. White states that his intention behind the blog was not to start a blog war, and this is not an attempt to awaken a sleeping dog. I just want to touch on the topic as it is often a response that mirrors those I encounter from other Christians as well. Continue reading James White, John Piper, and Christian aggression | Two camps

Jesus, two swords, and nothing to sleep with |Non-Resistance?

fightingromanTo fight or not to fight, that is the question? In the realm of Christianity the typical proof texts for justifying the act of violence or resistance abound. American citations of the Second Amendment and the instruction of Jesus to “go and buy two swords” find themselves the primary content of discussions on this very topic. Whether or not the Christian should arm or use a weapon in defense of their persons and family becomes an important question. It is even more important when you weigh such acts against the entire corpus of Jesus’ teaching concerning violence.

Situational ethics make for great conversations and debates. But, they seldom answer the personal question of whether I am being obedient to what I believe Jesus has taught me. Early in my spiritual life, I believed the ideology of Augustine, Eusebius, and other ‘Just War’ advocates to be sufficient rationale for resisting an evil man. After all, I have an obligation to kill and defend myself against would be attackers; as long as they do not attack me while I am preaching the gospel. Then it becomes a matter of applying the teachings of Jesus and not the Second Amendment.  Continue reading Jesus, two swords, and nothing to sleep with |Non-Resistance?