Why Seeking A Kingdom?

Welcome to my blog. My name is James, and I have been blogging for approximately six years. I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, husband of Rachel, father of Naomi, and a social worker currently employed as a community mental-health case manager.

‘To say the least, who I am today has been richly shaped by the purview of my life. It is at the end of all the chaos that I realized coming to faith in Christ was a result of an imperative breaking that would benefit my soul’s own well-being. I was the maestro of my personal-destruction, the orchestrator of my undoing, imprisoned by my lusts, and the author of the blueprint that constructed my downfall.

When all was said and done, it was Christ who was there to mend the brokenness. Then and there this captive was set free. It was the comfort of Christ’s love that caused me to weep for his forgiveness. That comfort confirmed his Lordship and knowledge that he was in control of all things, during my despair, and then in my breaking provided a moment of clarity and revealed to me that Christ was king, was worthy of praise, and deserved my obedience.

Here at Seeking A Kingdom, I aim to write about my journey through and out of Christendom. The path that a disciple walks from the beginning to the end is not static, and each has their own dynamic story, and all of our journeys paint a picture worth a thousand words. Some of those words are shaped by the life I have lived, the scriptures I have read, and plenty of other books along the way. It is here I hope to share my perspectives on this life I live here, while I wait for the one there … in the Kingdom.

So without further ado, I hope you continue to join me and come along for a disciples journey out of Christendom, through the bible, life, books, and toward the Kingdom.

As a special note, this blog is in a work in progress. So pardon the dust, and if you have any suggestions to the decor as I adjust along the way, please contact me and tell me! Happy reading!