Being a disciple of Jesus Christ, and Social Work – Intro


A friend has asked me if he could pick my brain regarding my choice of major (Social Work) and how it correlates to my Christian Faith. We started this conversation back in 2009, and having worked in the field for a couple years, some of my responses have changed. The question is one I still keep asking myself and the answer, I believe will be changed several times more. But, the question itself has remained the same. Why did I become social worker? How does my faith and my vocational choice interact with each other? Why in the world would I embrace certain aspects of secular theory regarding human behavior? Is it all just as simple as relating it to sin and calling it a night? These questions all have validity in their inquiry, but does my answer to them hold a candle to biblical truth?

I hope to answer my friends questions as succinctly as possible, and I will be sharing them here. As he is not the first to ask me these, he is the first to take time to put down his questions in written form and allow me to tackle them one at a time. I hope this discussion proves fruitful for him, me, and all others who chose to read this. I hope it piques your curiosity as well, as it is question many of us have in a world where self-help has run amuck, the pharmaceutical companies get filthy rich while they create “cures” for mental health issues, and individuals are consistently convinced that they will “always” have a problem with their…problems…

May Christ be glorified in all this, and I am excited about these questions. I hope you will join me for discussion on these topics. And as usual, there is more to come!


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