My top five favorite posts of 2013

compcoffeeGenerally speaking, it was a slow blogging year for me. But, if you follow the blog, that is status-quo. Regardless of the lack of posts I wanted to highlight some of my favorite and most popular entries from last year. As always, I endeavor to engage more frequently by writing as often as possible. I also enjoy hearing from those who do read and ask that you comment and share your thoughts, no matter how trite you may think they are.

  1. Portrait of a disciple: Philip, deacon or evangelist? I wrote this post previously at Deliver Detroit, and it has been popular ever since. I enjoyed the insight gained from reviewing the characteristics of Philip from the book of Acts. Intriguingly, he did not have any one set of gifts or office that restricted his contributions to the Church.
  2. Going to school in your underwear? What originally started out as a recurring dream I had during my public school years turned into a devotional about the tendency to be ashamed of our flesh. What resulted was an insightful look at how that matters and what it means to be naked before God.
  3. Free theological books to make your bookshelves look smart! One of the posts in a series regarding higher Christian Education that discusses the resources available to the “lay person” with no Church budget allotment for books. Here I share my tips and current repertoire of excellent free fare.
  4. An Essay: Who is invited to sup with Jesus Christ? Blogger David Alan Black posed a question on his blog about whether Jesus ever invited anyone to sup with him. This essay was my attempt to respond. I felt that the contrast between Jesus and us paints a different picture regarding current communion practices.
  5. Who has the authority to close a Church? Sadly, this past December, some close friends and brethren were forced to look for fellowship elsewhere. After their primary assembly closed its doors because they could no longer pay the pastor, I was left wondering if they had biblical authority to do so?

I find that some of the best blog posts are the ones I put forth the most effort. I also aim to be sure what I write is what I think and not rapid and random word salad. I hope these posts are as encouraging and edifying to you as they were for me to write them. Enjoy!

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