Jesus, A Theography | Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola

JesusATheographyFrank Viola teams up with Leonard Sweet for a concerted effort in this 424 page entry. As the title itself implies, the book is a theological biography about Jesus Christ.

I have never read anything written by Leonard Sweet, and have read many books by Frank Viola in the past. Although I am familiar with the reputation of Leonard Sweet and have read his other non-novel works, and found them enjoyable. However, with this book, I am not impressed with this work itself.

I usually can engage a book, review it, and be glad that I read it even when I disagree with it. But the dilemma involved in reading this particular work was not one of agreement. I found the style of prose utilized to be engaging and within normal practice for a book involving Frank Viola. I am also not opposed to a narrative approach to the history of scripture.

The way the book was billed through various outlets and from Frank Viola via his website, blog, and podcasts, I thought I this book would be a page turner.

I was able to read 25% of the book before I finally gave up.

The extensive use of analogy as an interpretive method to re-evaluate the types, shadows, and prophetic nature of Christ in the Old Testament was a hard pill to swallow. In the small portion of the book I was actually able to read there were several interpretative overreaches that I just could not qualify as safe or sound hermeneutics. Then again, the authors make the claim that this book is a combination of theology, history, and study of Jesus.

I would not write this book off as a relatively bad book. On the contrary, I still have hope for the book. Maybe it is just too low on my priority list at this time, but I was extremely underwhelmed by the content I was able to consume. If you base your purchase of this book on the quantity and quality reviews presently available at Amazon, your purchase will likely not be in vain. Because of the apparent positive reception of this book I will pick it back up again.

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