Cultured in the Christian Petri dish

Sometimes I have reflected in much gratitude that I have been redeemed in the manner the Lord has chosen. If I were to have made a choice at any point in my life, particularly regarding where, when, and what terms it were to occur, my salvation would be nothing but a farce.

I think of the multitudes of people who unbeknownst to them are not led astray, but just aren’t aware. They have become acculturated and are neck deep in an experimental failure. I do not wish to statistically state, or prove my case empirically at this juncture, but would like to label this a “sociological observation.”

I once had a conversation with a new friend on the topic of generational Christianity. I use this label loosely and would urge you to consider it with a grain of salt. This term being a reference to the children and families of Christians who have systematically and inherently grown up around a church. For instance:

  • They went to Christian primary and secondary schools
  • They attended a Bible College
  • Depending on their gender, they go off to Seminary or marry a pastor to be

This is not a bad thing when in fact those who are in reference become born again and come to faithfully follow Christ.

This is a horrible thing when there is never a profession of faith based upon legitimate conversion.

I express my gratitude to the Savior for this saving grace and the privilege of not having to wage the war of examination faced by so many who have to compare themselves to many around them who may not be in the faith. When in fact there are converts bearing fruit that is brought forth through repentance and faith, there is a much better chance that one would not fall to the wayside of ignorance.

At least in the presence of the Saints, the unregenerate stand a fighting chance to rightly understand their state before a just and merciful God. In opposition to the sedative that is distributed in many pulpits today we must faithfully preach Christ crucified.

Final thoughts would conclude that the likening of the Petri dish to the spread of generational Christians is relevant. Although growth can come from many tactics, means, and methods, the growth of acculturated, duplicated, and ignorant false conversions is typically a result of adoption of moral similarities, attitudes, and behaviors. The outward form of godliness that does not reflect an inward change of heart does no justice to those who are looking for a Christian testimony that embodies the power of the Holy Spirit in thought, word, and deed. The end result is a stagnant experiment that breeds death as opposed to the injection of new life. What a battle this would be, and oh how it is one I’m grateful for not having to fight.

Remember, submission to the authority of Christ in all things directly results in the glorification of God in the end (I Peter 2:12).

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