Jesus said it, but nobody Is listening #2

One of these days...This post is an entry in the series “Jesus said it, but nobody is listening.” I’ll offer some of my thoughts, and then wait for you to share yours!

(Luke 6:30) …’Give, and it will be given to you.’

διδοτε – Didomi, means give to ones or another’s own advantage or bestow a gift. In this verse, it is used in the present, active, imperative, and the second person singular. In other words, you go do what I say. Jesus is giving instructions on personal conduct toward others. Specifically, he gives direction regarding charity.

  • There is no 501(c)3 as recipient
  • There is no tax deduction for your return
  • There is no earthly return on your investment

There are many implications when it comes to giving to others. Typically, red flags go off when those less fortunate than ourselves request handouts. Often we refrain from giving out of fear of what the person might do with the money or charity we offer them. After all, how bad would it be if someone got high on money you intended to give them for food?

Although giving a command he also promises a reward (Luke 6:38):

  • Give and you will receive the same
  • You will hardly be able to carry what is given in return
  • The amount you give is the amount you receive

Today, the church has missed a large part of the picture. Jesus has commanded us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves (Matt 22:39). Although he promises a reward for the sacrificial gift of charity we still attach strings to our donations.

Jesus said he would reward the giver to a point of overflowing but the church is still not very giving. At least unconditionally. Jesus said it, but nobody is listening.

What do you say? What is it about today’s modern context that limits the sacrificial giving as commanded by Jesus Christ? Is todays church missing the point?


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2 thoughts on “Jesus said it, but nobody Is listening #2”

  1. I fear the church has become too comfortable. We’ve made Jesus into a self-help guru rather than the King. We try to negotiate with His commands to come out with the least amount of sacrifice. The poor are overlooked because they are inconvenient. May the church wake up!

    1. I find that even on my best of days, obedience is always an option. Unfortunately, my first thought is not willing obedience, but compulsory. I find myself fleshing out the “why” of his commands daily and with much fear and trembling, struggling to get it right. Thankfully, by his grace, it is plausible for a wretch like me.

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