Jacques Ellul – From What I Believe

What constantly marked the life of Jesus was not nonviolence but in every situation the choice not to use power. This is infinitely different.

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I love writing about books, theology, and the Kingdom of God. I also enjoy viewing my vocation through a biblical lens. It is here at Seeking A Kingdom that I aim to hash out my thoughts on all these things.

3 thoughts on “Jacques Ellul – From What I Believe”

    1. This is definitely one of those stunners that make you stop and look twice when you read it. I love authors who can sum up the power of God so succinctly that you cannot even fathom the magnitude of such…as you say, restraint.

      1. Ellul is a great writer but not easy to read. There is a huge difference on the level and complexity of writing in days gone by compared to the books, even good ones, written today for an audience that can’t look away from their phone for five seconds.

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