So glad to have not prayed that prayer – Part 2

prayingmanContinued from part 1…

While I had seen the path that was unknown briefly with mine own eyes it had brought back memories that weren’t suppressed but were planted there on purpose. This path really wasn’t so dark and gloomy as I had first perceived. Once I had remembered those memories it began to show it much clearer than it had ever done before.

Yes, now I remember it is making much more sense. This road I had been on had not been as tumultuous as I had thought before, it seemed to be as though it were worth it. This road was not fun, nor did it provide ease. This road gave character and provided humility that was soon to play a major role in humbling the proud spirit that I thought was the very essence of my nature. Along this road were bumps and bruises, but there were also marquees. These pillars of information that gave me truth that I thought was just nonsense and had no worldly value were the very things bringing light to the path I could now see.

What were they you say? There are many to recall, but I can name a few that even I have not suppressed. There is that little Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, the summer youth camps, the Awana’s program, the church van that came to the house, the gospel tracts that I read, the Jesus of Nazareth film, and one of the most important, the divine appointments that occurred along the way that I would have never gave a second thought until now.

Amazingly the most profound of this all is simple and almost worth a laugh of joy. If we don’t become humble, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. Jesus Christ brakes us. Jesus Christ is the one who brightens the path and Jesus shows us the way.  It was only his will and his choice that we know the road is there. Our sin is too much and we cannot bear it. The entire road until now was exactly the road we were supposed to be on because it is the one that provides us the humility we need to become broken.

His grace showed us the severity of our sins, exactly what it is we will be saved from and that it all originated from within. Our lies, thievery, blasphemous mouth, adulterous heart, wicked eyes, deceitful minds, and wicked souls can be delivered from punishment.

One of the most troubling things in life  is witnessing someone tell another that they are grafted into the Kingdom of God because they repeat a prayer after them. The semantics of this argument are rather ridiculous to list and is easier left unsaid. To simplify it we can just merely call it what it is. False assurance. The Lord is sovereign enough to save someone without our recited cookie-cutter prayers. The point of all this is that Jesus Christ saves sinners because he convicts them of sin through his own grace and his own decision to do so. We are not saved because we pray prayers, but because we repent and put faith in him to save us from the wrath of God.

I am glad to have never prayed that prayer, if I had, I may have never seen that path, because I would believe that I was already on it. Please don’t tell anyone else they are on it either. Let Christ do that.


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