Scholarly bible software for pauper prices

The final post in my current series on higher Christian Education will discuss free bible study software. The prices for good software are varying. While some are within an acceptable range that I would have no problem paying. Others breach the ridiculous price threshold and are not worthy of such large amounts of cash. While you can contact various publishers of the higher end software and request review copies, it is often easier to find free comparable programs that will serve your basic needs.

In lieu of racking up several hundred dollars in bible study software lets start with these:


E-Sword Software and E-Sword Live: Visit to download nowSome of the best things in life are free, and as the old saying goes, this is actually for real. This program is by far one of the best programs for students of the Word to become equipped, do word studies, compare translations, and even learn the Greek and Hebrew meaning of the scriptures. There is a plethora of add-on’s now available through the new downloader built-in to the software. Some of these are free, and some require a nominal fee. With the 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of free software, paying for some of the modules pales in comparison. Either way, it’s worth it. If you like it, donate to the author and he will send you a copy ofE-Sword Live E-Sword on disc. Note: The live version is extremely convenient as it allows you to set up a personalized online account and gives you access to E-Sword from anywhere there is internet access. Also, BibleSupport.Com has a plethora of free tools add-on’s and hard to find commentaries to add to your e-Sword toolbox.


theWord Bible SoftwareThe Word appears to be a fantastic alternative to the E-Sword free bible software. Over the years, E-Sword has been unprecedented in bringing bible study software to the masses for free, while be comparable to many of the paid modules on the market. But, TheWord has demonstrated itself a worthy alternative with as many, if not more modules freely available as well.

Some of the functions I really enjoy are the enhanced graphical interface, the plethora of free modules and resources available, the compatibility with E-Sword modules (has a built in module converter), and the portability of the USB option. You can install the entire module library, plus the software on a single USB drive and take your Bible software and library anywhere you go. There is also an alternative MAC installer available through Douglas Hamp’s website.

WORDsearch Basic

Rich in resources, free tools, books, and commentaries, this program is also a must have for any student of the bible. There is so much to this program it could WORDsearch Basic Software Pageeasily take an entire site to detail it’s incredible value. But wait, there already is one here. You can also download it straight to your PC or MAC and be up and running in no time. Be ever watchful for the free books that are made available from time to time. Manage a library of theology and have instant access to topical studies, commentaries, and many more tools right from your desktop.

Hopefully, this will prove helpful as you begin to develop your ability to dig into the Word of God. I also hope that you are able to develop your own Christian Education effectively with better theology, plenty of books to make your bookshelves look smart, and excellent scholarly bible software to faithfully disseminate and teach the word.  Most importantly, that it would make you a better witness for Christ Jesus.


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