Is Your Theology Dug Down Deep?

Have you ever read a systematic theology? These are not the type of books you curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket with.

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris
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Systematic theologies tend toward large voluminous shelf hogs that cost a few shekels more than an average theological work and they serve more for reference material than casual reading.

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris enters the theological realm encouraging readers to be ‘Building Your Life on Truths That Last.’ The book begins with personal anecdotes and a brief introduction to theological terminology used throughout the book. Next the author  transitions from introductory customs to deep and thoughtful discussion related to the core tenets of Christianity.

Dug Down Deep consists of individual chapters dedicated to doctrines like God, Scripture, Jesus, the Cross, salvation, sanctification, the Holy Spirit, and the Church. Last but not least, a final chapter dedicated to Humble Orthodoxy, of which Joshua Harris and his ilk are known for promoting amongst evangelicals. Encompassing 231 pages and a worthy in-depth study guide, this title from Multnomah engages its readers as they seek to answer the question, “What are you going to build your life on?

My first experience with Joshua Harris came through some of his dating books. As true then as it is now, Mr. Harris is the same engaging author that penned “I kissed dating goodbye” and “Boy meets girl: Say hello to courtship” with articulate and conversational style. The appeal of Dug Down Deep is the tone in which the author presents deep theological statements and teachings. The audience most likely to consume this material comes from the same generation in which Joshua Harris and other participants in the Sovereign Grace denomination often target. Fringe generation X’ers and Millennials will enjoy this book.

Although the material is helpful in presenting the core tenets of Christianity it is not encompassing or thorough like true systematic theologies tend to be. Dug Down Deep is an excellent introductory book that helps expound on some of the most important truths known to the faith. It is the Cliff’s Notes version of a systematic theology.

This book has as much a place in your personal library as it does a gift to a new believer becoming acquainted with cherished biblical doctrine. With the exception of Joshua Harris’ vocational and institutional disposition, this book is helpful in building Kingdom citizens up to proclaim the truth of Christ in a lost and dying world.

I received this book free of charge from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an unbiased review.

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