How Do You Read the Bible for Life?

bibleforlifeReading the Bible. Seems to be a challenge for many people. In large part, there appears to be a segment of the ‘Christian’ population that falls short in this facet of their ‘faith.’ The deficit is apparently so great that a book was written to address the problem directly.

This book does more than just address the problem of ‘lazy’ reading practices. This book engages the reader in conversation. At least, it allows you to sit at the table and read in onto conversations taking place between the author George H. Guthrie and those he has selected to comment on various topics regarding Bible reading. Essentially, the author has created what is deemed ‘Your Guide to Understanding & Living God’s Word.’

Honestly, I found this book helpful. It was not only resourceful and informative, it provides practical insight from many respected individuals. Although, there is the view of only one woman, Mr. Guthrie’s wife sits down for a dialog about reading the Bible with the family. While touching on virtually every facet of reading and understanding the Bible topics related to foundational hermeneutics, ie., context, translation, application, the author also takes us on a journey through discussions concerning the Old Testament, New Testament, and crossing the culture bridge and reading it for our modern context.

Conversations with Dr. Guthrie include David S. Dockery, Andreas Kostenberger, George Guthrie (yes, he speaks with himself), Bruce Waltke, David Platt, Douglas Moo, and Michael Card. Indeed a solid lineup of many whom I would enjoy gleaning insight and wisdom from regarding their walk with Christ and the sustenance they have derived from living and breathing his word.

Essentially, the purpose of the book is to teach us how to read the Bible, read it well, and read it for Life. I would highly recommend picking up a copy of this book. It is a worthy read, and is something worth picking back up off the shelf to get reacquainted with from time to time. It would also make an excellent gift for a student or new believer struggling to get a grip on the scriptures.

You can purchase Read the Bible for Life: Your Guide to Understanding and Living God’s Word by clicking the link or the image above. You can also pick up the workbook here, Read the Bible for Life (Workbook)

I received this copy of Read the Bible for Life from B&H publishing for an unbiased review.

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