Are Pastors the Same as Biblical Elders?

Eric Carpenter, of A Pilgrim’s Progress, has written an intriguing post at his blog entitled Biblical Elders vs. Modern Pastors. He lists seven differences that stand out between Biblical Elders and Modern Pastors when he compares their existence and duties to scripture.

He goes on to write:

Instead of finding that the two are similar, the reality is that they are quite different. In fact, they seem to describe two roles that have little to do with one another.

The more we investigate the New Testament, and become acquainted with the upside down nature of the Kingdom of God, Jesus beckons us to become least in the eyes of men. This abased behavior is a quick route to favor with YWH, no matter how you spell it, that is what HE wants from us. In turn, we will begin to understand the scriptures in stark contrast to modern church practices.

Eric goes on to offer some insightful solutions:

  1. Pray for change.
  2. Get involved in simple church plants.
  3. Lovingly and graciously talk to other believers about it.

What do you think of Eric’s post? Do you see truth in his points? Or do you feel that modern pastors have justification in light of scripture?

Be sure to check out the rest of his blog while you are there too!

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