Promoting God’s Agenda via Politics?

Dave Black makes an interesting note as he expresses his view in response to email requests to “support” various political causes. One can assume many of them come from various “religious” entities. He goes on to say:

Christians do not need to promote God’s agenda. We should simply bow before the unfathomable expression of His love — Jesus Christ — and “live like He lived” (1 John 2:6). In the kingdom, God always has the freedom to act in surprising ways, quite apart from our human archys. He seeks neither polemics nor apologetics  but obedience. This is the way of Jesus.

When we are tempted to bring the church under submission to money or the state or popularity, when we promote social triumphalism, when we engage in religious propaganda for political causes, the only remedy is repentance and faith. Both Scripture and history show us that when the church uses political means to protect itself and its interests, then it is endangered by the very thing in which it trusts. Politicians do not rely upon God. This is why government exists.

Makes one wonder how the process got so intertwined to begin with? Dave Black poses the question:

One wonders what would happen should America ever cease to be democratic. Would the church have to go underground, as it has had to do in so many other nation-states?

Intriguing food for thought. We should consider our personal roles and reliance upon government. But more importantly, we should also be circumspect while exploiting the current freedoms we do have while it is day, for the night is coming. Check out the rest of Dave’s post at his blog.

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