Chick-Fil-A and State Religion

I was thinking of a clever way to impose my perceptions of the whole Chick-Fil-A debacle and how it really brings out the State Religion in Americans. At least the evangelical version of it anyway.

But, Bill Heroman at the NT/History Blog touched on it much nicer than I with his post, X-mas, Tebow & Chick-fil-A . Bill goes on to say,

It’s becoming more obvious that institutional christendom ruled the U.S.A. for far too long, or at least we all thought they did. It’s becoming less clear what “Christian” even means in this 100% wired-up, 24/7 cacophony of postmodern ‘everyone’. Whatever your pleasure, I do wish it were more clear that the culture wars in America actually reflect a much deeper confusion about God’s divine plan for his people on Earth.

With Bill, I too am troubled when I consider the entrenched Christian Culture. It is as if the evangelical majority masquerades as an unsanctioned State Religion. The unfortunate side effect is that American “Christians” wage war with votes, vitriol, and now, chicken sandwiches.

I was under the impression that God defined marriage long before the constitution was penned, and it continues to be my assumption that it will stay that way when he returns. Why again is this a debate?

Check out Bill’s blog. I am sure you will find the post, and his other posts very interesting.

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