Hey man!? Are you alive!?

To be dead, one first must be alive right?

Man Alive: Transforming Your 7 Primal Needs Into a Powerful Spiritual Life, by Patrick Morley, Multnomah Books , 2012, 208 pages. Interest Group: Religion/Spiritual Growth/Small Groups

Patrick Morley, PhD, iMan Alives the author of The Man in the Mirror, which has sold more than three million copies, and founder of Man in the Mirror Ministries. The author says that it is possible to be dead while you live. Especially if you are a man who is dealing with a shortfall in stocking the primal need department. To illuminate his perspective of the primal needs of every man, the author has taken up the task of writing his newest book to be released January 17th, 2012. This book is entitled Man Alive: Transforming Your 7 Primal Needs Into A Powerful Spiritual Life.

This book is not of the traditional fare I would normally select for purchase or review. I received this book from the marketing agent behind the title with a request to share my thoughts with other men about the book. The book makes an attempt to address what the author calls male primal needs:

  • The need to feel you’re not alone
  • The need to believe that God knows and loves you
  • The need to know your life has purpose
  • The need to break free from destructive habits
  • The need to experience awe again
  • The need to love and be loved
  • The need to leave a legacy

The audience for this book appears to be middle-aged family men who have gone wayward from their faith. The author assumes that his audience will have at some point received the gospel, fell away, or have become disillusioned. I found myself often thinking of the parable Jesus gave of the seed and the sower. Many of those being addressed by this book have lost sight of the prize and with the concerns and strains of the world, have been choked out and unfruitful.

Admittedly, I struggled reading this book. There were several instances that I wished it would all hurry up and be over with. As I trudged through the book I became more interested in hearing what Patrick Morley was beginning to say. As it seems, this book was also written for guys like me. Stubborn ones. The author continued to hammer his point away and the hardened walls of my own fleshly resistance. In a cumulative fashion he built points upon points through perspective and real life experiences. (Matthew 13:22)

The author has employed many personal, anecdotal, and pragmatic approaches to the dilemmas faced by men and their haphazard attempts to fulfill their primal needs. While I am still not sure I can state that my life’s concerns are infested with my primal needs being deficient, I will state that the solution to the problems in this book (and mine along with it) align with the author’s solution:

“Repentance is not merely asking God to make us into better men; it’s asking him to make us different and change our ways.  Repentance is most effective as a lifestyle of daily, even moment by moment, self-awareness. Why is it so important? It’s hard to picture a man ever leading a genuinely powerful, transformed life apart from a lifestyle of repentance.”

You can blame all your woes on your childhood, children, wife, and the world, but all of it is for naught and is only resolved through repentance. The author has a proven track record for reaching out to men through group study, and personally sets out to foster an attitude of discipleship. This book also provides a discussion leaders guide to encourage others to facilitate their own groups.

This book was a surprise hit in my opinion. I hope it does well when it goes to market on January 17th, 2012. I recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

Title Information:

  • Christian Living/Men
  • 978-1-60142-386-3
  • 192 Pages
  • $14.99/$16.99 in Canada
  • Also available as an e-book

I received this book in exchange for a review and the intent to share them with others from Multnomah Books.

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