What did Jesus teach? Commandments or Suggestions?

The Commands of Christ: What it Really Means to Follow Jesus, by Tom Blackaby, B & H Books , 2012, 176 pages. Interest Group: Religion/Personal Study/New Testament

The name of Tom Blackaby may not ring familiar in too many popular circles. If you knew of his father, Henry Blackaby and appreciated his work, you will appreciate Tom’s also. They both establish themselves in their writing with a penchant for dedication to the instruction of God, and the fellowship that brings with it.

In his work, The Commands of Christ: What It Really Means to Follow Jesus, Blackaby sets out to establish parameters of Christian living, as spoken through the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ. With some introduction and very little pomp, Blackaby outlines the direction of the Christian’s life by establishing a system. The system in this book introduces the command, quotes the scriptures from the Holman Christian Standard Bible, and then explains them in a practical manner. After reading each command and it’s explanation, Blackaby ensures the reader of a modern explanation to apply personally in our own context.

Other reviewers have commented on the simplistic nature of the outline method Blackaby utilizes. I think this apparent weakness actually serves as a strength to be replicated by other authors treating similar topics. Although it is near impossible to avoid authorial bias in any work, Blackaby serves the text well by remaining without dogmatic denominational interpretation. At the end of the day, Blackaby aims to teach his readers the importance and simplicity of adhering to the commands of the Lord. He is also careful to ensure we remember the importance and distinguishing characteristics of those who claim to follow Jesus, that “if we love him, we will keep his commandments.”

I received this book from B & H Books for the purpose of review. No books were harmed in the reviewing of this book.

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