Ten reasons not to be a Pharisee

Whether it is looking onward toward what the future may bring, or reflecting on the past in what the Lord has brought me through, It’s all been one huge learning experience. Each day brings about deeper teachings from the Scriptures; the Word of our Lord, and the refining work that it does in each and every believer. In this perspective the main thought that had been recurring most can be summed up in the following ten reasons I’ve decided not to be a Pharisee.

  1. They were known as a brood of vipers. (Matthew 3:7)
  2. They set a standard of unobtainable righteousness through men. (Matthew 5:20)
  3. Fellowship with sinners was not an option for them. (Matthew 9:11-13)
  4. There piety was based upon their strict keeping of tradition. (Matthew 12:2-8)
  5. Being called an evil and adulterous generation by the Lord is not good. (Matthew 12:38-39)
  6. They were blind guides leading others to a pit, of which the Lord instructed the disciples to let them be. (Matthew 15:13-14)
  7. They produced leaven that was dangerous and puffed up with error and falsehoods. (Matthew 16:11-12)
  8. They plotted and attempted to ensnare the Lord by questioning His words. (Matthew 22:15-46)
  9. There problem was very clear to the Lord, but not to them. (Matthew 23)
  10. They preferred the death of the Lord over that of a murderer. (Matthew 27:26-31)

It might be a good idea (according to the Gospel of Matthew) not to choose the Pharisaical sect of the Jews, or the Sadducee’s as a career choice. If you have already embarked on this journey, allow me to suggest you turn back now.

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